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Al Baitsholts


Being a Partner at PeerPlace, My role is to help transform care coordination for community-based organizations. Collaborating closely with our team, I drive innovation and solutions that empower nonprofits and agencies to make a lasting impact.

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Todd Baitsholts


As a Partner at PeerPlace, I’m dedicated to helping our customers transform the way programs and services are managed within their agency. I am responsible for driving sales and marketing and my focus is to amplify awareness of our solutions to community based organizations.

Margaret Covington


As CFO of PeerPlace, I’m dedicated to ensuring financial strength to drive our mission of providing innovative care coordination solutions. Through interaction at all levels of the organization we work together to ensure a solid financial footing with a focus on sustainable growth, now and into the future, fostering a landscape where as partners, with our nonprofit customer’s, we help them excel in their mission of providing care coordination across the spectrum.

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Christopher Dewey


My role as CIO of PeerPlace is both as a consultative partner to the business and as a mentor to the IT organization.  Although I can provide many direct skills in technology, security and governance, my more important role is to ensure that the work we are doing in IT remains aligned to the business strategies and product visions of PeerPlace.

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Carrie Frey


As a Partner at PeerPlace, I lead our Account Services efforts to empower our clients and help them get what they need to serve their clients.  This includes the upfront Project Kickoff, Design, Training, and Ongoing Support for our clients. Using tools that we have created to help our clients get what they need out of PeerPlace, we’re helping to unlock their potential for a better future.

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Eric Frey


As President of PeerPlace, I guide our strategic vision to empower our customers. With a focus on innovation and collaboration, we’re reshaping care coordination and advancing the capabilities of organizations.